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Stem Cell Serum

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In stock
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Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance formed in the human body. It is found in connective tissue and on the outer surface of the skin where it acts as a cushioning agent for the cells. It promotes the growth of retinoic acid, boosts collagen synthesis and stores in the interstitial spaces providing elasticity and plumpness.

Plant stem cells are extracted from secondary metabolites produced when a plant is under stress. Using biotic stress methods and co-culturing practices, secondary metabolites are created to induce cell differentiation. 

The benefits to the skin are huge. North Atlantic seaweed contains almost every mineral and is highly nutritious. It feeds the skin and also restores the skins’ epidermal lipid balance

  • Botanical hyaluronic acid (cassia augustifolia)
  • North Atlantic seaweed extract
  • Phyto-biotics Perilla plant stem cell extract (Perilla frutescens)
One pump in the morning or night, whenever your skin needs an extra boost of nutrients or more moisture.