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Parasite Capsules

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Wormwood is the classic vermifuge and is the primary herb used for ridding the body of helmiths and other parasites. Aloe helps move the dead organism through the intestines and out of the bowels.

Directions for Use: Taken twice per day. Take two capsules on an empty stomach. Swallow with one big teaspoon of raw honey or some form of dairy. Parasites love sugar and dairy so this is the “bait” to pull them out of the intestinal lining.

500mg wormwood, aloe vera.

Take the two capsules, twice a day for 28 days.

While you cleanse, limit the diet to cooked vegetables.

Every 4-7 days, do an enema and take a bentonite clay or charcoal capsule along with some Smooth Move tea by Traditional Medicinals. This ensures the parasites are flushed thoroughly.

You may do more of less with the bowels depending on how healthy your movements already are.

Completing the 28 days is important because it will ensure that not only the parasites but also their eggs are destroyed.