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Nerve Pain and Repair Spray 4oz

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In stock
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DMSO flushes toxins from the fluids surrounding the myelin sheath and regulates nerve impulse to an area if the pain response is causing it to overfire.

The herbs in this formula come together to feed nerve endings and myelination with tropho-restorative nutrients.
It is arguable that Lions Mane can even regenerate necrotized and damaged neurons. Prickly ash bark can bring electrical energy to deaded cells and greatly assists in pain management.
This blend is designed to bring calmness to frayed and frazzled nerves, allowing the body to send energy to the damaged areas. Especially helpful for diabetic neuropathy and nerve injury.
  • 99.99 pharmaceutical grade DMSO
  • lion’s mane
  • skullcap
  • prickly ash bark
  • st john’s wort
  • mullein leaf and flower
Spray onto damaged area 1-4 times daily for a minimum of six weeks