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Nasal Spray

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In stock
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For allergies, sinus and as first defense against exposure to contagion. The base of the nasal spray is pure 10 ppm colloidal nano-silver, which has a strong antimicrobial effect on the tissues of the sinus cavities.

Silver has been used throughout history to disinfect epithelial tissues and protect against microbes, infection and pathogens. Cryptolepis and alchornea are two of the most powerful antibacterial herbs on the planet. They have been scientifically proven to kill both gram-negative and gram-positive strains of bacteria, as well as superbug-strains that have become resistant to antibiotics.

Osha is a sacred root harvested above 9,000 ft elevation only. It contains unique volatile oils that have been proven to open the sinus and bronchial passageways, increasing VO2 breathing capacity and clearing congestion throughout.

  • 100% pure 10ppm colloidal silver
  • Cryptolepis root
  • Alchornea leaf
  • Juniper
  • Osha
  • Distilled water
Breathe out then spray 1-2 pumps into one nostril and inhale very deeply through the nose. Repeat on the other side. Use as often as needed. Slight burning is common and will subside as the herbs work into the tissues